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If cocktails are your poison, quality mixology is what we do best. With a rotating, refined menu of seasonal house specials, we harmonise the finest of spring/summer and autumn/winter spices, spirits and juices into the most quaffable of creations, polished off with an elegant signature flourish.

What's On

What's On

Bar Menu

We’ve created a menu designed around ingredients rather than just cocktail types. Created by Lynda trademark style, taking a cook’s approach to flavour, this cocktail menu focuses on 5 key ingredients and innovative flavour processes to explore international flavours . It will be like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Happy Hour (COMING SOON)

ALKI Pho Noodle Soup

Why Us!

On crafting stunning dishes like our traditional Vietnamese Pho which carries the pleasant richness of beef bones being simmered overnight for 12 hours, together with a balanced combination of different herbs and spices.

Our innate innovation impels us to create revolutionary dishes like our Pho restaurant, which is a first in Renton culinary scene and combines beef patties with freshly steamed buns that are made in-house every day, together with our signature smoky mayonnaise sauce.

Image by Marek Minor

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Reserve a table

Reserve a Table

Easy to make an online reservation with us at
Book ahead to plan for any gathering, event or family dinner. 
Is the time you want already booked? Call us at (206)453-4000 and we might be able to fit you in.

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